Favourite spot so far…

Favourite spot so far…
Cape Tribulation, Australia

Cape Tribulation, Australia

Port Douglas – Cape Trib

So after a night of shena****ns in Port Douglas and a relaxing morning with Jill and the dogs it was off to Cape Tribulation.

First stop Mossman Woollies!!

Sightseeing can wait, this is the last decent supermarket I will see for some weeks. Loaded up on the essentials, chilly bin full and ready to roll..

Onto the Daintree and I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I had a good leg stretch on the 2k circuit track through Mossman Gorge Rainforest, admired the crystal clear water of the gorge river and then it was time to get moving onward up the coast. I could easily have spent a week doing this stint. Stunning beaches with no one on them (just how I like it), gorgeous rainforests, a ferry crossing over a croc infested river and the chance of spotting cassowaries in the wild…

As I meandered my way through the lush greenery of the Daintree National Park I soaked in everything I could, the mountains, the coastline, the rivers, the wildlife. I could easily have a log cabin in the bush here, if only I would hurry up and win lotto!

So on arriving at Cape Tribulation I checked in to PK’s Backpackers and met some very friendly characters..

I made it my mission to find a local and pick their brain regarding the condition of the Bloomfield track. The 4×4 track from here through to Wujal Wujal, on the way to Cooktown. Apparently can be known to be quite rugged but ok at this time of year – if too rough I would have to turn around and back track for several hours- Wahh.

Well I was informed by PK’s staff to have a chat to Tom (actually forgotten his name so will use Tom. Woops), the guy with the akubra (Cowboy) hat on, apparently he is quite the adventurer and knows all the 4×4 tracks nearby. Great – Just have to find internet to check in with the family and I’ll hunt Tom down.

Due to PK’s net being down it was a trip up the road to the restaurant where I had to have a wee snack in order to use their WIFI. Caught up with mother dearest then back to PK’s.

So after a relaxing cider at the bar watching the footy, Tom appeared for a chat. He was great, assured me the Bloomfield is in good condition at the moment and I would have no problems. He then filled me in on a few other tracks and told me about some of his adventures.

Turns out him and two mates are slowly making their way around Aussie also, but instead of using the main roads they have made it their mission to cover as many back roads as possible. Pretty impressive ground they have covered already.

So after a few laughs with the various international characters at the bar (even a fellow kiwi), a waltz down to the beach and a short sing along with someone playing a ukeleilee, it was time to grab some grub then hit the pit.

Unfortunately I hadn’t paid attention to the kitchen closing time soo Le snak and an orange for tea it was. Ahh well, time for bed..

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