and stop…

and stop…
Archer River Roadhouse, Australia

Archer River Roadhouse, Australia

Well the light was on most the way but I had my 5 L container in the roof storage if I needed it, just didn’t fancy refilling on the roadside at night and hmmm 5L isn’t really gunna cover a huge distance. However I made it safely and pulled in just in time before the kitchen closed to heat a meal and then tuck up into a cosy bed before finishing the journey to Aurukun the next morning.

Archer River Roadhouse is a quaint little spot with petrol, kitchen and bar, 4 motel rooms, camping area and lovely clean facilities. Even though it was only 3 hours to Aurukun from here I was keen for a peaceful nights sleep and would rather attempt the road in daylight.

So I shared the shower with a cute green tree frog, washed the red dust out of my hair and every orifice, made use of the satellite phone for a quick call home and then tucked up in bed for a good nights sleep.

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