Cooktown, Australia

Cooktown, Australia

After a good nights sleep it was rise n shine and yay the kitchen is open. A good breaky, another stroll down the beach then off I head on my next leg.

The Bloomfield track was great, more stunning scenery, several small river crossing and one slightly bigger crossing. It was actually a “Hmm can’t turn back now moment”, but made it through easily anyway. Some steep ascents and descents but thankfully in those areas the road had been concreted.

Past more croc habitat (still no sightings), through Wujal Wujal and arrived at Black Mountain (Kalkajaka) National Park. As you can see in the pics, this was quite a unique area. It just looked as if giants had tipped a pile of rocks and boulders in the middle of nowhere. Cool.

A very spiritual area to locals as well as travellers and as you can see by the info sign pics, some interesting mysteries surround the area.

Heres some info from Department of National Parks to fill you in..

“Black Mountain National Park contains an imposing mountain range of black granite boulders. These formidable boulders, some the size of houses, stack precariously on one another—appearing to defy both gravity and logic.

The wet tropics and drier savanna/woodland regions meet in this park, making it a refuge for wildlife. The extraordinary combination of flora and geomorphology provides a habitat for an unusual range of wildlife, including species that are endemic (entirely confined) to this boulder-jumbled mountain.

Known as Kalkajaka (meaning ‘place of spear’), Black Mountain is an important meeting place for the Eastern Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people and is the source of many Dreaming stories. The mountain is also a feature of local non-Aboriginal folklore”

So after enjoying the above it was onward to Cooktown, where I called into the info centre and at the time thought not much of the town. Unfortunately it turns out I didn’t even get to main centre and missed the beautiful coastline and lookout. Damn!! Should have inspected the map closer. Will have to try see Cooktown again.

After grabbing a few more maps etc and touching base with the safety committee I headed onward and shot out to Hopevale for a look and to get gas. Hmm Not really worth the trip but did see a few brumbies..

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