My home for the next 6 weeks..

My home for the next 6 weeks..
Aurukun, Australia

Aurukun, Australia

Up in the morning, checked over Rizzo, filled up with gas and on the road again..

Road wasn’t too bad from here and once I hit the Aurukun turn off it was in great condition with several patches of bitumen. Passed a couple of scrub fires where eagles were having a hay day catching whatever poor little critter was fleeing for its life. No other wildlife on this trip but I knew I was getting closer as burnt out car carcasses dotted the roadside.

After 2.5 hrs of driving I rolled on in to Aurukun with the rusted old sign to welcome me.
I rocked up to the clinic to see old faces and new, awesome to see some of the old gang and be welcomed back so warmly.

Aurukun Primary Health Care Centre is a 7 day a week clinic, run by Qld Health and shared with Apunipima (Cape York Indigenous Health Service).
It consists of a treatment/emergency room with 2 beds and also 7 consult rooms – shared by us (the permanent nurses) and the visiting teams.
Services that arrive weekly to the clinic – usually from Monday afternoon to Thursday afternoon include RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service), Child Health, Chronic Disease Doctors, Midwife and Mental Health.
Other visiting teams that come either fortnightly or monthly include: Dentist, Podiatrist, Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, Nutritionist, Eye specialist and Cardiologist.
Outside those times it is Nurse run and usually one nurse on deck depending on how busy after hours has been.

After a quick catch up it was over to my old house (I worked here 2 years ago for 10 weeks) to get settled in and was a wee bit disgruntled to
find the tall (deer) fence in the corner knocked over by a fallen tree but none
the less continued unloading my worldly possessions.

Putting my
bike under the house which is fenced and locked with padlocks I did
notice some local kids eyeing it up but didn’t think much of it…

Well.. My welcome back to Aurukun hadn’t even started….

Now I can’t put too much detail on here so here is the short version:

A wonderful colleague showed me the local beach – beautiful serene spot. Ahhhh

Pet cockatoo still here, two cats and some nice dogs.

Weekend away in Weipa and bought blow up pool – YAY

Great team to work with!!

Variety of work and upskilling again.

Being grateful of where I grew up and where I’m going next.

Relaxing watching the sunset over the water whilst trying to catch a fish.

Awesome road trip to the Tip of Australia!

Met some amazing, beautiful, spiritual, happy people

First night – bike nearly pinched, puncture kit and tools stolen.
Myself, security and house bombarded with rocks, metal hunks and makeshift spears.
Clinic broken into for 2nd time in a month and keys stolen.
Clinic car finally stolen from under house at 0230hrs after multiple attempts at keeping it safe. (including disconnecting battery etc).
Kept awake with burn outs until battery connection came off and police could return car.
Got a small amount of sleep with baseball bat at door and sleeping in middle of bed to dodge flying objects if they came through windows..
(Nearly left the next day)

Later that week – Awake most of night due to multiple call outs, one to see sick patient who refused to come to clinic. 0700hrs woken as pt had sadly passed away. ******* myself as family blamed me for his passing..

Depending on earplugs due to pack of dogs living near house and howling every other night..

Went exploring, scratched car and got punctured tyre.

The dingo stole my chocolate..

Not able to swim anywhere…

Lost all my photos of trip to the tip.

Dogs constantly pulling out rubbish everywhere and ripped my pool to bits (which was under house – supposedly safe) GUTTED!!

Dogs attacked and killed one of the cats. = (

Lets just say I will chalk it down to experience but I don’t quite connect with this place and I will be glad to see the backside of that so called welcome sign…

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