30th Birthday Adventure!

30th Birthday Adventure!
Cairns, Australia

Cairns, Australia

So after escaping Aurukun for the second time, I shot through like a bat outta hell to Weipa. Spent a night at the camp ground with no one wielding knives or screaming outside my window, and then flew to Cairns to catch up with my mate Jill for some birthday celebrations.

Had an entertaining evening at Gilligans Backpackers, a day chilling / recovering by the lagoon (unfortunately, I was supposed to do a sky dive this day, never mind) then a quieter night on the town before catching the shuttle at 0700hrs the next day to head off on my Great Barrier Reef experience.

After downing a few ginger pills, which didn’t help, and then hugging the toilet for a bit, it was time to jump in and experience one of the natural wonders of the world…

Luckily, once in the deep blue, my stomach settled and I was able to enjoy my first dive on the Great Barrier Reef, guided by one of the Deep Sea Divers Den team.

It wasn’t long before I buddied up with a fellow solo traveller – Kara. An awesome bubbly chick who also loves adventure..

All up I experienced 10 dives and 2 snorkelling trips – Just amazing!!!

The first boat (Sea Quest) took us from Cairns to the outer reef, provided us with gear, a delicious lunch and allowed us to have 2 dives at different sites, then it was time to transfer to the larger liveaboard catamaran – Ocean Quest.

On Ocean Quest we were welcomed aboard, given the low down and shown to our rooms – me n kara got to share a twin bed cabin with ensuite and a window view of ocean as far as the eye could see.

Once settled it was time to gear up again for more diving and after being given the option of participating in the Advanced Open Water dive course, Kara and I dove at the chance (excuse the wit, lol).

First dive – Peak Buoyancy Performance
After sussing out our correct weights, we were sorted. Let the fun begin…

Our course included 5 dives, being: Buoyancy, Navigation, Deep dive, Night dive and Underwater Photography.

All up each dive was amazing in a different way.
Got to play with all sorts of fishies, sea slugs, nudibranchs, sharks and turtles..

On the 2nd day I was supposed to pack up and head back to Cairns, however I was lucky enough to be offered to stay another night with more diving if I became a hostie. Stoked!!
Got to meet the gang, help in the kitchen, make beds and clean. I managed to change flights and organise to start a bit later at work on Tues. Boom! (Well was a bit naughty with this and thought it would be OK, got in a spot of trouble from the new boss, but think I’ve made up for it now).

So all in all not a bad way to see in 30 years in this wild and wonderful world and without further a do, I’ll let ya check out the pics.

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