Little patch of paradise!

Little patch of paradise!
Weipa, Australia

Weipa, Australia

So I have now been in Weipa for 2 weeks and loving the peace and quiet here.. Ahhh the serenity..

I get to stay in the wicked nurses quarters which is like living in a motel, 20 steps from the Hospital and a 5 min walk to Woolies and the shopping centre. It can be a bit too quiet in here at times but I’m slowly livening things up..

“The land of the Western Cape belongs to local Traditional Owner groups. Waypundun or Waypa is the original name of this area and is the home of the Alngith people”

Weipa is now a town of approx. 3000 people (the largest on Cape York) and originally started as a Presbytarian Aboriginal mission back in 1898.
There is a lot of interesting history surrounding the area and if you want a good read, check out:,_Que ensland

but to cut a long story short…

Some guy back in 1955 discovered that the Red Cliffs on the Aboriginal Reserve at the time were actually Bauxite (the ore from which Aluminium is made) and so conveniently the “Comalco Act” revoked the reserve status and in just 5 years they starting mining (raping) the land for all its worth.
Since then the town has developed as a mining town to house the workers and their families coming to work for Comalco (now called Rio Tinto).

I’m probably being pretty hypocritical as I am enjoying working here and seeing all Weipa has to offer, but bit of a **** start to a community really. Just another story of money hungry individuals who will do anything to get their hands on some doe, including bullying and buying out the locals and then proceeding to wreck the land.

Makes you wonder what the future will bring. I can’t see how shifting so much earth/ so much mineral can not be causing irreversible harm to the land.
Anyway off my high horse…

The new Weipa Hospital was built in 2008 and includes a 3 bed A+E / Outpatients area, 12 bed acute ward, 10 bed aged care facility and in a separate wing – Primary Health Care Clinic which includes multiple services.

For more info check out: apeyork/capeyork_weipa_hosp.asp

So far I’m loving it!! A great team in a new, tidy, organised Hospital – my cup of tea..

Things to do:
Well so far I’ve had dinner out a couple of times (not bad for a small town), checked out the Golf Club, Bowls Club, Sat night Go Karting, the town pool and some scenic spots.
Haven’t yet been fishing, piggin or 4x4ing.
It’s definitely an outdoor adventurers dream up here and I look forward to exploring more…

Well enough blurb for today I reckon, here are some pics.



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