Racing the rain…

Racing the rain…
Cairns, Australia

Cairns, Australia

So I finished my time in Weipa and after a lovely dinner with a work colleague and her hubby it was up early to set off back down the Cape and hope the roads weren’t in too much of a rough condition.

Not too bad at all really. A bit of sludge coming past Merluna Cattle station but pretty good. I had a great run of 9 hours. Stopped a couple of times for gas and a bite to eat and rolled in to Cairns round 5ish.

Only one hiccup. My 2nd to last stop before Cairns as I was getting a little bit sleepy and a bit low on petrol I thought I’d stop and use up the fuel in my 10L gas container.

Great idea Julz, stopped the car, got the fuel container out of my roof pod and topped her up, put the container in the boot, cranked the tunes and off I drove..

2 mins down the road I noticed a couple of things in my rear view mirror that seemed to be flying… Umm yep, flying off the roof of my car!!

In my haste I had completely forgotten to close my roof pod and now I had left a wee trail of belongings along the road. Doh!!

I U turned round to collect my sleeping bag, a jumper, some shirts and a bag of toiletries…
Well at least I was wide awake now…

Saw a few skippies, eagles, a lizard or two and then beautiful views coming down the range overlooking Cairns.


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